Make the world a better place

I thrive on finding issues with software. From pixel perfect UI, to Secure and Scalable back-end, you can find me giving inputs to software architecture, implementation and user experience all while making sure the software is bug free*.

I build my own stuff. From rigging my own desktop, cooking android ROM's to building complex CI/CD pipelines, I try to do it all by myself (with the help of resourceful documentation of course).

I share my experience. I learn new things every day and what I learn is my experience from this world of software. Given I learn and understand a new tool, When I have some free time, Then I like to share my knowledge with my co-workers (That's BDD in a nutshell for you).

I build my community. Making information available to everyone, being transparent and documenting as much as I can is what keeps me planted. Technology (the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes ) in software is something everyone should be able to use and have access to. I believe software should help solve common problems and give back to the community whenever possible.

Places I've Worked

Volante Systems

Lead Quality Assurance Engineer


Member of Technical Staff

Photon Interactive

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer


Quality Assurance Engineer